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Being in the middle of winter makes us think of wedding traditions.  What?  Now?  In February?  Yes!  As we’re sure you all know, we are coming out of the winter bridal show season.  Now that there has been some time to digest all of the information that was out there at the bridal shows, it’s time to think of what is most important to feature on the big day.  So we start to think about how we can incorporate some heritage wedding traditions.  We decided to put together this blog post with some links that we found on some wedding traditions from around the world.  If you would like to find out how we can incorporate your traditions through lighting at your wedding visit our website or give us a call.  Enjoy!     ~The Solus Lighting LTD Team

We all know the saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe”.  What is a sixpence?  Anyway, did you know that your Maid of Honor is supposed to get a paper plate from the bridal shower & make holes in it, then tie all the ribbons from the gifts to it.  This then becomes the “bouquet” for the bride at the wedding rehearsal.  That was a new one for us!  This web page from Elite Dresses is full of traditional American wedding customs.

According to Irish tradition, bells are provided to wedding guests or are placed at the reception tables.  The sound of the bells is thought to keep away evil spirits and are often used instead of clinking glasses at the reception.  Irish readings can be incorporated into the services, and there is plenty of Irish music for your DJ or band to choose from to play.  Check out this article from The Knot to read more!

Anyone who has attended an Italian wedding is familiar with confetti.  No, the bride & groom is not covered with little tiny bits of paper.  Confetti is the traditional Italian candy, Jordan almonds coated with a white hard candy shell & typically wrapped in a small mesh bag, that is placed at each place setting at the wedding reception.  Italian folklore says that Sunday is the luckiest day to be married & that the bride should not wear any gold until after the wedding rings are exchanged.  The veil also comes from Italian tradition, and is thought to ward off evil spirits.  Here is a great source for some more Italian wedding traditions.

Sunday is the most popular day for Jewish weddings, however Saturday night weddings may be held an hour & a half after sunset.  Typically a jewish couple will be married under a four post structure called a chuppah.  The chuppah is a symbol that represents a house established in public that the couple will spend the rest of their lives together.  Find out about the breaking of the glass, the Ketubah and the Horah here at the Jewish Wedding Network.

An Indian wedding ceremony is flush with symbolism & tradition that starts well before the actual wedding day.  In addition to other traditions, the rehearsal dinner is known as the Sangeet.  The Sangeet is held the evening before the wedding and is full of amazing food, music and dancing.  Like the Jewish chuppah, an Indian ceremony is held under a structure called a mandap.  This is a four post canopy that is typically adorned with vibrant colors & intricante designs.  Read more about Indian wedding customs.

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