Hire An Independent Consultant For Your Next Project!

Looking for a specialist to consult on your next project? Do you need an unbiased eye to help solve problems with your space and equipment? Maybe you have the talent in house, but you don’t want to strain your staff with a large project, renovation, or R&D for equipment purchases.

Don’t get locked in by an architect or equipment dealer who only provides you options they will profit on. This can result in an impractical specification for your needs. Hiring an independent consultant ensures your goals are always a priority and your best interest is top of mind. Solus Lighting is not a representative or dealer for any manufacturer and is committed to providing objective consulting and specifications tailored to each unique application.

We provide consulting services for any of the following:
  • New Construction or Renovation
  • Performance & Meeting Spaces
  • Architectural Installations
  • Houses of Worship
  • Equipment Specification & Integration
  • Optimizing Existing Inventory
  • Re-purposing and Integrating Existing Inventory with New Equipment
  • Breakdown by Phase to Coincide with Construction, Renovation or Fund Raising


Choose the Level That’s Right For You!

Solus Lighting is happy to offer consultation services for permanent installations of luminaries, control systems, rigging and/or repairs after a complimentary initial assessment*. From research and discovery and written analytics to full specification and project management, our team can propose solutions specific to your needs, budget, and goals on a variety of levels:

Base Level

A written recommendation custom fit to your project based on initial assessment. This recommendation is research based and will provide enough information for you, your staff, or your existing contractors to explore options and specify equipment. One meeting is included with you and/or your team – in person or conference call.*

Intermediate Level

All elements of Base Level with the addition of: A written recommendation specifying exact equipment for the project. Up to three options of manufacturers will be provided (when possible) with detailed explanation and equipment specification sheets along with one known dealer/distributor of equipment specified.

Still heavily research based, this written recommendation will enable you, your staff, or existing contractor to determine best option for the project based on time, cost, and availability of equipment. Three meetings are included with you and/or your team – in person or conference call.*

Advanced Level

All elements of Intermediate Level with the addition of: Acquisition of quotes from reps/dealers for equipment specified with a detailed presentation to you and your team and pass through purchase option (if needed).

This recommendation eliminates research and leg work for your team and provides information needed to weigh options and select based on time, needs, and cost.

Crossing over slightly into project management, this option includes sourcing specialty contractors (if needed) and up to five meetings with you and/or your team.*

*All travel related costs are responsibility of client.

Rave Review:

Maureen is an event design specialist in a market full of dabblers who think “good enough” is OK for their clients. Events that utilize Maureen’s talent benefit from a drive towards perfection that is about more than a paycheck. If you’re looking to hire someone who gives 100% to each job and whose pride in their work is always evident, look no further. ~ Nick Borelli, Borelli Strategies


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Allow us to put our expertise, in the form of consultation services, to work for you for permanent installations of luminaries, control systems, rigging and/or repairs. Schedule your complimentary initial assessment today.

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