Ready to Refocus – Solus Lighting Shines Spotlight on Services

Ready to Refocus - Solus Lighting Shines Spotlight on Services

Solus Lighting is excited to announce the company will be refocusing on specialized lighting services.  Since 2011, Solus Lighting has provided full-service lighting and production management for high end corporate, social, and non-profit events of all sizes across the globe.  The team has been recruited for artistic and technical support as well as specialized design and consulting projects over the years.

The entertainment and events industries were hit extremely hard over the course of the pandemic.  Live events are back, but things have changed. There is a big need for professionals with high skills to produce measurable results across the industry.  As these markets build back up, the greatest want of current and potential clients has evolved.  “It has become clear that our client’s biggest need emerging from the pandemic is our technical and design services,” stated Maureen Patterson (Lead Designer & Owner).

While having the ability to fill an equipment list and assemble crews has been a convenience in years past, the equipment was never the draw.  “The education and experience of our team has always been at the nerve center of our operation. That’s why people want to work with us.”

The current inventory will be utilized to fulfill contracts for the remainder of the quarter and will be sold off as available.  “As the supply chain continues to suffer, used equipment is in higher demand than ever before,” said Patterson, adding, “The timing to liquidate couldn’t be more ideal.”  Listings will be updated regularly on third party sites and announced via Solus Lighting’s social media accounts once available.

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