Holidays at home and around the world

Holidays at home and around the world

What are your favorite things to see and do around the holidays?  Here are some of our picks of holiday special events from close to home and around the globe.

We’ll start off in Cleveland, Ohio – as that’s what we know best!  Here is an awesome guide from of must-sees for holiday vistors and locals alike.  One of our favorite holiday events happens in University Circle, Wade Oval Winter.  Here you will find an outdoor ice rink that features live music on Wednesdays and a couple of movie nights.  Admission to the rink is free, and if you show your rink wristband you get a discount at the museums around Wade Oval.  One of the museums offering the discount is the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  Through out December & the first weekend of January, CMNH presents Ice Age 2013: A Winter Event of Prehistoric Proportions.  Ice Age 2013 has plenty of activities, including ice carving demonstrations and a scavenger hunt.  Below is a picture of the lighting that welcomes you to the museum.

Many countries have the tradition of having a Festival of Lights around the holidays.  Here are just some of the festivals that happen inside and outside the United States.  You can check out some great pictures from Italy to Columbia and back to the U.S.  Here’s one that we found on Twitter of a long exposure of a tree lit up with LED tiny lights.
Who doesn’t like a good holiday decoration light show?  We do!  Here are some of our favorites from around You Tube.
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