Fundraising season is gearing up in Cleveland, Ohio!

The Ides of March is upon us, and although the snow will still occasionally fly here in Northeast Ohio, spring is just around the corner.  Spring kicks off a wide variety of fund raising events throughout the area ranging in size and scale.  Development and marketing departments have been working since last year’s campaigns in colleges, universities, theatre companies, museums, and hospitals (among others) to ensure as many philanthropic dollars flow their way as possible.  This is no easy task with so many wonderful causes and non-profit organizations throughout the greater Cleveland area.  So, what works? 
As with any event, know your audience.  Once you know what makes them tick, it’s easy to target what will impress them.  Sometimes, this is in the venue selection and décor.  Other times it is with food or entertainment.  We have been lucky enough to light several high profile fundraisers.  We have seen that the most successful nonprofit events are when all of these elements come together flawlessly.  Creating an interesting atmosphere increases engagement with auctions and other interactive revenue generating ideas.  Each detail supports and flows to the next, enhancing the theme at every turn and creating that wow factor guests and donors notice.  As long as they feel like a VIP, they will keep coming back and spread the word. 
Although I am a bit biased, lighting can be the most important element to enhance any fundraiser.  A skilled designer can help guide guests through multiple spaces, draw focus to auctions and sponsors, and enhance any theme imaginable by creating appropriate atmosphere for each stage of the event.  Need some of that wow factor for your upcoming fundraiser?  We’d love to help.  Contact us today at 216-912-2199, send us an email or visit our website!   ~Maureen E. Patterson, Lead Designer Solus Lighting LTD

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