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Don’t compromise your wedding with a one stop shop! Trust your vision with a true specialist. Solus Lighting has received local, regional, and national awards and has been recognized internationally for their cutting-edge wedding lighting designs.

It’s Your Wedding – Every Detail Matters. Our design team creates an environment specific to your needs and unique to your vision while our premium production services ensure no detail is overlooked, so you don’t need to worry. It’s the peace of mind you have been looking for!

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Below are some of the most sought-after elements in wedding lighting.

This is by no means a complete list of services, rather it illustrates and explains the more popular choices.



Uplighting is the most common type of wedding venue lighting to add ambiance. Whether your reception is in a ballroom, restaurant or tent, uplighting is an affordable way to add color and character to the space.

There are many ways to uplight a space. Are you flustered with all the options: Single Color? Color Changing? Incandescent? LED? Wireless? Eco-Friendly? Entire Space? Architectural Features?

Relax! Our designers will help guide you through the process!

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Rave Review:

“Our wedding would not have been the same without the lights.

It was magic.

It was Maureen’s magic!”

~Reverend Susanna Goulder

Feature Lighting – Food Stations/Bar/Cake

You’ve spent hours laboring over the perfect menu and signature cocktails for your guests to enjoy – now make sure they can find them! Feature lighting for your food stations and bars not only showcase the delectable treats you have selected, it also draws the attention of your guests.

Highlighting the wedding cake is popular, but may not be appropriate depending on your timeline.

Having trouble deciding: How to determine features? Does every wedding need to enhance these areas? Of course not! However, the venue and layout are key. A personalized walk through with one of our designers will ensure your features are in the right light!

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feature lighting

feature lighting

dance floor lighting

Dance Floor Lighting

Dance floor lighting is an excellent way to get your guests up and having a great time at your reception. From simple, elegant, and understated to a full-blown dance club, and everywhere in between, making the dance floor more inviting for your guests will make them feel like VIPs!

Wondering what is the best fit: Classic? Laid Back? Sleek? Inviting? Trendy? High Energy? Relax! We’ll get a feel for your crowd, and make sure they have a great time.

custom gobo lighting

Custom Gobo

A great way to incorporate your signature look in to wedding lighting is to have a custom gobo. This highly personalized element can be black and white to a full color image, and can be projected onto virtually any surface. Wondering how to choose: Where to place this? Single color or multiple color image? Names? Date? Initials? Some Combination? No worries! We can provide popular fonts and layouts, take script from your existing invitations, or event design the artwork for you and are happy to tell you where you will get the highest visual impact.

under table lighting

Under Table Lighting

Under table lighting is a visibly dynamic way to add color to the venue that will wow guests. Wireless LED lighting fixtures mean no power or control cable is needed, which leads to an impressive and clean look with the overall décor. This element is most impactful with certain linens and table coverings. Having difficulty deciding: What style linens? Best to use a complementary or contrasting color? Accent tables or guest tables? Single color or color changing? We will help determine the best use of this component that your guests will be talking about for years to come!

string lighting

String Lights

String lighting is a great way to add an intimate feel to your wedding. String lights come in countless shapes, sizes, and colors and can be strung a variety of ways – all culminating in a narrative unique to your vision. Questioning which style: Elegant canopy of twinkling tiny lights? Reinforcing your color scheme? Café lights for a more casual feel?

The string lighting options for weddings are seemingly endless. Our designers can offer ideas and options based on your personalized meeting!

pinspot lighting

Pinspot Centerpieces

Highlighting the centerpieces enhances the overall look and adds dimension to your wedding. This lighting effect can be achieved if the venue has a drop ceiling or down cans in the ceiling. You spent so much time finalizing the perfect floral arrangements – make sure they stand out in photos and visually pop for your guests.

Are you wondering: What color will look best? Does each centerpiece require light? Does this work if the centerpieces aren’t floral? A bad pinspot installation or focus can ruin the evening for a guest. Our team of perfectionists guarantee the right look and the right focus every time!

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pinspot lighting

Ceiling Wash

A ceiling wash is a visually interesting way to make your reception space come alive with light. This element can be utilized on its own or in layers, and is most popular in tents and ballrooms with high, bland ceilings. An interesting ceiling wash can help enhance your theme and personal style with your wedding lighting. Having difficulty determining: Static or moving wash? Single color or color changing? A soft, subtle texture or a sharp, distinct pattern? Rest assured, our team will discover the best fit for you!


Rave Review:

“Maureen and her team are fabulous! They worked within our budget, and created the most spectacular lighting we ever could have hoped for. Our guests still can’t stop raving about how unique and cool they were! It really created the ambiance we wanted for our wedding – hip, modern and sophisticated! They are a dream to work with, and the team is incredibly professional. I highly recommend checking out Solus Lighting LTD for any special event!” ~Gina Heckerman

Enhance Your Wedding with Award Winning Lighting and Production Services

Lighting is essential to any event, especially your big day. Solus Lighting LTD will work with you and your wedding day coordinator, florist, decorator, venue, and planner to ensure a cohesive atmosphere for your wedding. We offer free consultation and site walk throughs so that everyone is on the same page and every detail is captured. Above is a list of popular wedding lighting elements. Any combination of these ideas will make a visual impact that you and your guests will not soon forget.

Trust your vision with a true specialist.

Cookie cutter “lighting packages” are restrictive and lack the flexibility to truly reflect your personal style. Contact our award-winning designers today to customize the perfect atmosphere for your big day that is as unique as you!

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