Ok, it’s been a while since my last intro blog.  I have known that I wanted to talk about uplighting for a couple of weeks, but have been trying to organize my thoughts.  That hasn’t happened yet, so I am just going to wing it here.

Uplighting is probably the most common type of wedding venue lighting.  It can be used for most any event, but it seems that these days uplighting is a must at wedding receptions.  Wether you go with a static look, or have color changes happening through out the event, it is an affordable way to change the entire feel of a space.

Let’s talk a little about what options are available to achieve this look.  First up is the simple one color look.  This can be achieved with incandescent lighting fixtures.  Solus Lighting LTD can provide you with any color you can imagine for your uplighting.  We will sit down with you and talk about the theme of your wedding, what colors you are going to have in your wedding party apparel and what colors are being used in any decor elements for the reception.
The second option for uplighting is to use light-emitting diode (LED ) lighting fixtures.  These fixtures, while a bit more costly, have the greatest flexibility.  We can have a subtle scrolling color change through out dinner at your wedding reception, a classic look for the first dance and then use these same fixtures to get crazy and do some fun looks during the party/dancing portion of the reception.  The LED fixtures while having this awesome flexibility, are also very green – as they do not use much power at all and will not produce any extra heat in the venue.

So that covers the “how”, now on to the “what”.  What should we uplight in your venue?  One option is to uplight all the walls through out the entire space.  This can make an extremely impactful first visual impression on your guests.  If your budget doesn’t allow us to uplight the entire space, then we can scale it back a bit and just uplight the architectural features of the space.  Yet another option would be to put uplighting just behind the head table, food stations and/or bar area.

This might sound like a bunch of decisions to make, but we can walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.  As always, Solus Lighting LTD offers free consultations and site walk throughs to ensure that we are going to make your big day just as you envision.  So check out our website or give us a call.

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  1. I love the idea of uplighting lights. This is actually the first time i have ever heard of it and i love the idea. I have seen a couple of picture and I think i look amazing at wedding receptions. It brings the wedding more elegance and romance.

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