Spring brings commencement season

Spring awakens the senses to new beginnings.  Now that April is here, many people are looking forward to a major event – Commencement.  Graduation Ceremonies are tradition to mark a milestone achievement, and, for many, mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. 
Colleges and universities are continually expanding their curriculums to offer more majors and degrees for undergraduate, graduate, post graduate, and trade certifications.  This expansion has increased graduating class sizes. 
Commencement ceremonies are being held in larger and larger facilities – tents, auditoriums, convention centers, and arenas.  Friends and family members attend to watch their loved one cross the stage and receive their hard earned degree.  With these ceremonies taking place in larger facilities, technology is needed to ensure the occasion can be clearly seen and heard. 
Sound reinforcement and image magnification (IMAG) are often used to ensure each walking member of the class can be seen and their name heard.  IMAG is live footage shot at an event and broadcast onto a large screen to give the audience a better view. 
Lighting is essential to achieve great image quality for live IMAG and televised events.  The proper fixtures, positions, and intensity levels make certain those dark robes don’t merge into the background.  Working with a professional lighting designer will ensure there isn’t a bad seat in the house for your commencement ceremony. 
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