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Solus Lighting LTD was hired to provide an assistant lighting designer, as well as technical support for the Philips Healthcare Mega Meeting 2012.  This four day event, held at a Disney property hotel in Orlando Florida, had everything from meetings to an awards banquet.  Solus Lighting LTD provided our skill sets in the main ballroom for the welcome ceremony, the key note speakers presentations, large group meetings as well as the awards banquet and party to close the conference.

Many of the brands that Philips owns were represented in the lighting rig, including Vari-Lite, Color Kinetics and Strand Lighting products.  You may be thinking, “what can healthcare and lighting possibly have in common?”.  Well, not only can the high quality lighting that Philips companies provide greatly reduce stress and tension associated with admission to hospitals it can also provide therapy and healing.  Philips is bringing to the forefront that not only do LED lights save power, but they can also provide a process of healing.  Patients that are confined to a room or a floor of a hospital can be put to ease with LED lighting fixtures that replicate the 24 hour cycle of natural light.  Philips is also working to provide an LED fixture that can teach and relearn basic human skills that may have been lost due to a physical life changing event.

Please take a moment to visit the Philips Healthcare website to learn more about the great things they are doing with lighting worldwide.

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