Refreshed and back at it

After a hard earned and well deserved weekend off, Solus Lighting LTD was back in the game this past weekend.  Last week featured a birthday party and a wedding reception.

The birthday party was held on the beautiful grounds of a private club that had several lakes on the premises.  The design was a double ceiling wash, with no color stars laid over a blue wash.  Since the party was being held in a tent, we highlighted the food stations and the bar area.  The tent had clear panels for the gabled ends, and that gave our designer the opportunity to create some depth to the view with some landscape lighting.  Landscape lighting is something that we haven’t talked about so far, so bear with me as I elaborate…I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.  Landscape lighting offers a variety of effects and benefits.  First off, landscape lighting is a visual “wow factor” when your guests arrive at your venue.  Most traditional venues, i.e. banquet centers, will have there own landscape enhancements.  However, as you will see in the pictures below, when you are in a tent it adds to the overall visual impact.  Secondly, and especially at this particular event with the clear gables of the tent and the lakes on the premises, landscape lighting adds depth to the space as well as creates a picture of the landscape at night.  You might be surprised what an impact uplighting some of the trees around your space can have on the landscape and your guests.  Check out some more shots of this party on our website and on our Facebook page!

Less than twelve hours after we were done lighting up the birthday party, we were back at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for a wedding reception.  This wedding reception was held in Kirtland Hall of Prehistoric Life.  We had uplighting on the skeletons of Kirtland, as well as a palm leaf texture wash from above shining down on the entire reception floor space.  As always, you can see more shots below, on our website as well as on our Facebook page.

Solus Lighting LTD is extremely excited and proud to announce that we are now the preferred lighting vendor of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History!

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