It’s a patriotic start to July 2012 for Solus!

Solus Lighting LTD started off it’s busiest month yet with some patriotic flair!  We were the chosen lighting vendor for a private party held on the east side of Cleveland.  Red, white & blue with stars was the theme of the affair.  There were two tents on site for the event.  The main tent was a clear top tent, where guests enjoyed dinner & the band.  Solus handled feature lighting of the food stations in this tent.

The second tent, which was used for cocktails and featured a bar in the center, was a first for us here at Solus Lighting.  The canopy of this tent was red, white and blue.  This is something rarely seen around Cleveland, Ohio and we were stoked to be one of the firsts to light it.  We enhanced the tent canopy by matching the color of the canopy with the color of our lighting and the results were loved by all guests.
Stay tuned for more from Solus.  Next up for us is the Cleveland SCORE awards ceremony, where our Lead Designer Maureen E. Patterson has been chosen to be a keynote speaker.  Later that same day, come and visit us at BarRoom in downtown Cleveland where we will be serving up some special offers at the Bridal & Beyond Productions Summer Bridal Bash 2012!
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  1. The first tent is so fascinating. The lighting provided a dazzling and colorful view to the tent. The glaring stars gave vibrancy and life to the place. Even simple tents can be transformed into a enchanting shelter if we will only use our creativity and artistic hands.

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