“I Do” Bridal Soirée, version 2.0

Solus Lighting LTD was once again the exclusive lighting vendor for the “I Do” Bridal Soirée.  Amy Nixon of Amy Nixon Events produced this unique bridal show at the ultra unique 100th Bomb Group Restaurant.  Solus Lighting set up the Jeffrey Room just as we would for a real wedding reception.  You may think that this sounds all too familiar, well then you must have read this blog!

Solus lead designer, Maureen Patterson, really wanted to change up the room this time – which was accomplished ten fold!  The change in design allowed us to show our flexibility and how we have the ability to make the same venue look totally different from event to event.  This time around the design called for LED fixtures for up lighting.  We used a couple of different types of RGB LED fixtures, all changing throughout the night via an Avolites control console.  This design feature gave the brides-to-be an up close and personal look at what the fixtures can do and how they transform the space.

The other big change was how we treated the ginormous circular feature of the ceiling over the dance floor.  Instead of washing the interior of the ceiling circle in color, like the last design, Patterson wanted to go in a totally different direction.  Clear globe string lights where swagged in a wagon wheel type pattern, in the dome of the ceiling over the dance floor.

To see more pictures of this event, head over to our website and Facebook fan page!
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