Hire An Independent Consultant For Your Next Project!

Our team can propose solutions specific to your needs, budget, and goals for permanent installations of luminaries, control systems, rigging and/or repairs.

Looking for a specialist to consult on your next project? Do you need an unbiased eye to help solve problems with your space and equipment? Maybe you have the talent in house, but you don’t want to strain your staff with a large project, renovation, or R&D for equipment purchases.

Don’t get locked in by an architect or equipment dealer who only provides you options they will profit on. This can result in an impractical specification for your needs. Hiring an independent consultant ensures your goals are always a priority and your best interest is top of mind. Solus Lighting is not a representative or dealer for any manufacturer and is committed to providing objective consulting and specifications tailored to each unique application.

We provide consulting services for any of the following:

New Construction or Renovation

Performance & Meeting Spaces

Architectural Installations

Retrofits for Existing Systems

Houses of Worship

Equipment Specification & Integration

Optimizing Existing Inventory

Re-purposing and Integrating Existing Inventory with New Equipment

Assistance of RFP Composition and/or Vendor Selection

Breakdown by Phase to Coincide with Construction, Renovation or Fund Raising

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