Fresh 2013 Start

Fresh 2013 Start

Bloggers out in blog world…we’ve missed you!  The end of 2012 was busy for us at Solus Lighting LTD.  Plenty of weddings, private events, corporate holiday celebrations, not to mention that we got some well deserved time off to spend with our families around the holidays. You can catch up with the photos on our website, our Facebook page, our Google+ page or any other of our social media sites.

We aren’t ones for New Year’s resolutions, however we are going to try something new as 2013 progresses.  Are you thinking, “more consistent & awesome blog posts”?  Well if you are, you win… win a, um, ya congratulations!!  Joking aside, we will be posting not only on our favorite subject of lighting but on some of our other interests too (expect some video game references/blog posts) as well as what is coming up next time.  To start off, this is GREAT news!

So for now, we leave you with one last holiday shot from 2012…and stay tuned for our next blog post.  We will be talking about the basics of color temperature.

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