Five Things to Look for in a Corporate Event Lighting Company

Five Things to Look for in a Corporate Event Lighting Company

Published April 15, 2019 | Maureen Patterson

Whether you’re welcoming the media or honoring your employees, lighting design is an integral part of creating an atmosphere. It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand and build long-lasting engagement with stakeholders. Planning any event takes time and careful coordination. The savvy planners know that something as unique as lighting is best left to the pros.

Why hire a corporate lighting company

A common mistake is to view lighting as an enhancement that doesn’t play an important role in the event. Lighting keeps the focus on where the impact should be — such as the speaker, the new product or the building you are dedicating. It’s about guiding attention, presenting information and moving your audience through the story you want to tell. Lighting can truly transform any venue into the backdrop you need to communicate with your audience.

What to consider when hiring for corporate event lighting

There are many event lighting companies locally here in Cleveland and nationally. But there are some important considerations you should account for when hiring for your next event.

Number One: Experience

Make sure the team you hire isn’t learning on the fly with your event. Lighting is a craft that is honed over many years of experience. Get specific and ask about past experience, case studies and testimonials to show proof of success.

Number Two: Skill Level

Bringing expensive equipment to a venue is one thing; having true skills to create a visually appealing story is something else entirely. Make sure your lighting vendor understands that what you’re asking of them is both an art and a science, and they need the proper skill level to meet your expectations.

Number Three: Collaboration

You partner with many vendors to make your events successful. Are you working with vendors who are collaborative? Are they willing and able to work with existing vendors or in-house staff? Not every vendor is willing to do this, so keep an eye out for red flags. Also keep in mind that there are companies (like Solus Lighting, LTD) that are willing to work in either capacity to fit your needs and budget.


Number Four: Flexibility

Corporate events often evolve as they are being planned. Issues, challenges or exciting surprises may arise that lead to last minute changes in your event lighting. Will the company you hire be flexible and open to adjusting?

Number Five: Budget

Lighting design can range from simple to complex. Both can yield stunning results. We suggest partnering with a lighting vendor who is willing to work with your needs and is also willing to educate you on what the different options might cost. Scaling the design up or down can be easy when everyone is clear about expectations.

Lighting should always support the mission of your event. We’d love to chat further about how to bring your event to life. Looking for ideas of how to use lighting at your next corporate event? Check out our corporate lighting page for inspiration and our testimonials page for feedback from customers we’ve worked with.

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