Event Techs…What’s In Your Workbox?

Twitter has inspired me today!  More specifically, trade show veteran Melissa P. Michel inspired me with her “Trade Show Toolbox” blog entry.  I was reading over her blog post and I started thinking about what I always have with me at events, as a lighting tech.  As I was going through my list, I realized that the core of my workbox is always the same no matter if it is a “one-off” event or a large corporate conference that lasts for days.

If I have the space (and luxury) to put an actual workbox on the truck it is a must!  If the space does not allow, or if the show is small enough, I have a back-up…which gets the job done, it’s just not on casters.  Ok, here we go…

Spare Lamps – a decent ratio is one spare for every six fixtures, but the type of fixture will really determine what you need here.  Keeping track of lamp hours is also great knowledge to have.

Tape – all kinds of tape.  Gaff tape, e-tape, board tape, spike tape…there can never be enough varieties of type and color.

General Expendables – tieline, zipties, blackwrap, binder clips, fixture donuts, extra safety cables.

FOH Gear – Little Lite, paper, pens, Sharpys, highlighters, USB Flash drives, flashlight, first aid kit.

Tool Bag – the basics; multitool like a Gerber, meter, c-wrench, nippers, 6-in-1 screwdriver, circuit tester, DMX tester.  If there are LEDs or moving lights in the rig, the tool bag should definitely be beefed up with gear like soldering iron, solder, butt splices of various gauge sizes, spade connector of various types and sizes, crimpers, allen wrenches, socket set…you get the idea, any hand tool that is used in the shop to work on LEDs or movers.

Spare Parts – if having spare fixtures isn’t possible, then a good spare parts kit is the next best thing.  Techs get to know fixtures and this usually determines which spare components will be brought in the workbox.  Some general parts that are good to have on hand are small screws, nuts, washers, fixture & dimmer fuses, small sized zipties.

Cable & Connectors – it is always a good idea to have ~5% of extra cable on site for events.  “Oh by the way”‘s always pop up at the last minute and a good tech should know that they are coming.  I, personally, also like to keep a 10’ edison cable and a couple of cube taps at FOH with me (the reason for that is coming up in the next section).  Connectors are also important to have on hand.  Throwing a new connector on a piece of cable or a fixture is sometimes quicker & easier than replacing that piece of gear in the rig.  In addition to having all types of connectors that are in the rig, it s also a good idea to have turnarounds close by.  XLR for the com (that lighting always gets stuck with…I don’t get it, you hear & speak with it – that’s the sound dept!), DMX 5pin to 3pin, L6-20, GR, GP…the list goes on.  Be prepared.

Entertainment – there are some long days spent in the venue, especially at week long conferences.  Techs, don’t go stir crazy, make sure you have some form of entertainment for the down times or hours long sessions with no cues.  Typically, setup just to the right of my console at FOH is my MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod, iPhone (I’m kind of an Apple fan), earbuds, some FOH snacks (I suggest Goldfish & Twizzlers) and some 5 Hr Energy shots.  Last but not least, and I learned this the hard way a while back on a corporate show in Orlando in August, make sure you have a hoodie or some sort of arctic cover.  Typically, hotels will crank the air conditioning the afternoon before show day and even if it is 90 degrees outside you will have that hoodie on in the ballroom!

I think that about wraps it up.  Everyone has their own method for getting through stand-bys, these are my ramblings.  The bottom line is find what works to put you in the best position to do your best for your clients & events.  ~Beth Reyes, Lead Production Tech Solus Lighting LTD

  1. Nice info! Great topic. Inspired me to write something similar for videogame events.

  2. Thanks Chris. Will look forward to yours!

  3. I am so touched by your intro, Beth, and appreciate the inclusion very much! We all do indeed have our own versions of "toolboxes" and you definitely provided fellow #eventtechs with a very thorough inside look at yours! Thanks again for the S/O! Keep up the great work…M

    P.s. I see that this has inspired another (Chris Hatala) to write their own! Awesome!

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