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Five Things to Look for in a Corporate Event Lighting Company

Whether you’re welcoming the media or honoring your employees, lighting design is an integral part of creating an atmosphere. It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand and build long-lasting engagement with stakeholders. Planning any event takes time and careful coordination. The savvy planners know that something as unique as lighting is best left to the pros.

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Event Techs…What’s In Your Workbox?

Twitter has inspired me today!  More specifically, trade show veteran Melissa P. Michel inspired me with her “Trade Show Toolbox” blog entry.  I was reading over her blog post and I started thinking about what I always have with me at events, as a lighting tech.  As I was going through my list, I realized that the core of my workbox is always the same no matter if it is a “one-off” event or a large corporate conference that lasts for days. If I have the space (and luxury) to put an actual workbox on the truck it is a must!  If the space does not allow, or if the show is small enough, I have a back-up…which gets the job done, it’s just not on casters.  Ok, here we go… Spare Lamps – a decent ratio is one spare for every six fixtures, but the type of fixture will

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