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What is your lighting vendor doing for you?

I have been a lighting designer for over 12 years. The last 5 years, I have primarily focused my services to special events. Planners and coordinators are the lifeblood of my business, and I was hoping to get some opinions and feedback on what is most important to all of you. It doesn’t matter where you are located to participate in this discussion. After all, customer service and producing stunning events are universal in this industry. Any insight you can offer on the following questions would be appreciated: -What is your current lighting vendor doing that you like?-What is your current lighting vendor doing that you do not like?-If you could wave a magic wand and change things about your current supplier, what would you change? Other thoughts, ideas, and comments welcome!-Maureen E. Patterson

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Light up the Museum take 2

Museums are a unique space in which to hold an event.  Solus Lighting LTD recently lit up the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for a wedding reception.  The lighting package consisted entirely of incandescent lighting fixtures…some used as uplights for the skeletons of the Kirtland Hall of Prehistoric Life and some used to project palm leafs around the space.  We also recently added fixtures to highlight some of the permanent exhibits that show creatures in their natural habitat. Have a look at some of these shots and to see more check out our website and our Facebook page.  Contact us for more information about lighting up the museum for your event!

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Light up the Museum

Solus Lighting LTD had the excellent opportunity to light up a wedding at the Akron Art Museum.  It was a night to remember for all.  We had many lighting elements in all corners of the space.  The lighting package consisted of a mixture of LED and incandescent lighting fixtures.  The LED fixtures were used for lighting the architectural features of the space, for a ceiling wash outside on the terrace and also for dance floor lighting.  The incandescent lighting fixtures handled the work of uplighting, pattern projection and food/bar stations. Check out some of the shots of the event below as well as on our website and on our Facebook page.  You can also see some awesome pictures taken by Ken Love Photography.

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Sean Moore Memorial Event

Please come out and join this great cause – awesome live music, good food and tasty drinks.  Lighting by Solus Lighting LTD.  Tickets available at the door.

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Tent Lighting

A popular choice for summer and fall wedding receptions is to hold them in a tent.  There are all different types and sizes of tents, and therefore all different design options and price scales for lighting a tent.  You have all of the same options of designs in a tent that you would in a more traditional reception space (i.e., a ballroom, or banquet center).  Most people wouldn’t think that would be the case, but there are very little limitations when dealing with lighting a tent. Check out our website for some awesome tent pics, and then give us a call to talk about how we can light up your tent.Below is an example of a recent graduation party that Solus Lighting LTD lit.  I have included some shots of the tent before we started, a day shot of the completed hang and a shot of the final result.

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Ok, it’s been a while since my last intro blog.  I have known that I wanted to talk about uplighting for a couple of weeks, but have been trying to organize my thoughts.  That hasn’t happened yet, so I am just going to wing it here. Uplighting is probably the most common type of wedding venue lighting.  It can be used for most any event, but it seems that these days uplighting is a must at wedding receptions.  Wether you go with a static look, or have color changes happening through out the event, it is an affordable way to change the entire feel of a space. Let’s talk a little about what options are available to achieve this look.  First up is the simple one color look.  This can be achieved with incandescent lighting fixtures.  Solus Lighting LTD can provide you with any color you can imagine for your

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Blog – Intro

Here goes.  I am going to try and have some inspiring and innovative thoughts on the subject of special event lighting.  I say try, not because I don’t have the experience – I have been in the industry for 12 years, it’s just that writing isn’t my strong suit.  So, if you can keep up with my, sometimes, rattle on sentences then good luck and welcome.  I will also try to convince my business partner, who is the designer and who actually comes up with the ideas that I will be talking about, to be a guest blogger.  She is a much betterer writer than I. I guess I should start with who we are.  Solus Lighting LTD is a special event lighting company.  In fact, Solus Lighting LTD is the only company in Cleveland, Ohio dedicated exclusively to special event lighting.  We have experience lighting all different types of

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