Wedding Lighting Ideas and Information

​Lighting the food and bar stations draws attention to these features in the space.  This along with uplighting the venue, allows us to turn off the existing general lighting.  The "house lighting" in most venues are not controllable, usually either on or off.  You don't want to have a beautifully up lit venue and then have to have the house lights on just in order to see the food & bar stations.  Also, if your reception is in a tent, lighting the food and bar stations is a must.  The photo above is an example of feature lighting on a food station.

​Under Table Lighting

​Highlighting the centerpieces on the tables is another way to enhance the overall look and feel to a wedding reception space.  This lighting effect can be achieved if the venue has a drop ceiling or down cans in the ceiling.  The light fixture should be as straight down on the centerpiece as possible, otherwise the light will be at an angle where someone sitting at the table will have light in their eyes.  When the centerpieces are lit up, they will visually pop when your guests enter the room.  As you can see in the photo above not only is the centerpiece lit and stands out against the up lighting on the walls, the spill from the pinspot is also providing general illumination for the table.

​String lights are the perfect way to bring an intimate feel to your space. We create a canopy of light that lowers the ceiling of your reception space. This coupled with amber uplighting in the room, and we have a beautiful 'candle light' lit space. Wether it's in a ballroom or tent, string lighting offer a warm and romantic setting for your reception venue. The photo above shows string lights hung from an existing ballroom chandelier.

​Another common wedding lighting feature is to have a custom gobo.  This is a light projecting an image or words.  Anything imaginable can be made into a custom gobo, from monograms to names & dates and anything in between.  Black and white to a full color image can be projected onto virtually any surface.  Solus Lighting LTD can also help design the artwork for your custom gobo for a nominal fee.  The photo above is an example of the bride & groom's names, projected onto the floor area of the bar. 

​Lighting is essential to any event, especially your big day.  There are several options & combinations available to you.  Solus Lighting LTD is committed to help guide you through these wedding lighting options, and to make your visions come to life with light.  Solus Lighting LTD will work with you and your wedding day coordinator, florist, decorator or planner.  We offer free consultation and site walk throughs to ensure that everyone is on the same page and every element and detail is captured.  Below is a list of popular wedding lighting elements.  Any combination of these ideas listed below will make a visual impact that you and your guests will not soon forget.  As every venue is specific and each event unique, we can not list every option available.  Please read on and then contact us to further discuss how we can make your wedding day perfect.

​Feature Lighting (Food & Bar Lighting)


Dance Floor Lighting

Pinspot Centerpieces

​The photo below is a combination of some of the wedding lighting options.  Here, there is LED color changing uplighting on the draped perimeter of the room.  The dance floor featured a textured ceiling wash, LED color changing lighting fixtures as well as moving lights to keep the dance floor packed all night long.  Also, each centerpiece on the tables are individually lit.  Solus Lighting LTD will work with you through the process of deciding which options are a best fit for your most memorable day.

There are several visually interesting ways to make your reception space come alive with light.  A ceiling wash can be either a solid color or color changing.  Texture can be added as well.  There are many patterns to choose from to add dimension to the ceiling wash.  From a sharp distinct image to a soft subtle pattern, an interesting ceiling wash can help enhance your theme and personal style with your wedding lighting.  The photo above features a ceiling wash with texture.

​String Lights

​Uplighting is the most common type of wedding venue lighting.  Whether your reception is in a ballroom, restaurant or tent, uplighting the walls is an affordable way to add color and character to the space.  There are many different ways to uplight a venue.  One option is to uplight all of the walls in the entire space.  Another option is to only uplight the architectual features.  The photo above is an excellent example of uplighting all of the walls of the venue.  The uplighting can be achieved in several different ways, depending on what fits best for your overall theme.  Incandescent lighting is the most cost effective, however all fixtures will be a set color.  LED lighting tends to be a bit more costly, but much more flexible and eco friendly.  LED uplighting allows the ability to change color throughout the event. 

These options are similar to your options for your ceiling wash.  Dance floor lighting is an excellent way to get your guests up and having a great time at your reception.  A dynamic lighting package is the way to go here.  By using automated light fixtures, or "movers", we can bring to life your wedding reception with both color & texture.  Movers provide the most flexibility for dance floor lighting, as they allow us to change color and texture through out the event.  LED fixtures are a middle of the road option, not as costly as automated lights, but offer the ability to have color changes through out the evening of dancing.  However, we can also do amazing dance floor lighting with the conventional lighting fixtures.  The photo above was lit with LED fixtures and moving lights.

​Custom Gobo

Under table lighting is a visibly dynamic way to add color to the venue that will wow guests.  Typically a wireless LED lighting fixture is used to achieve this effect.  Wireless LED lighting fixtures mean no power or control cable is needed, which leads to an impressive and clean look to the overall décor.  There are several options of looks available.  The lighting fixtures can be controlled to scroll through any color imaginable, to project the color sceme of the wedding or simply can be set to a static color.  If an element of the reception is white table linens, or white spandex table covers, then under table lighting is an impactful component that your guests will be talking about for years to come.  The photo above is an example of utilizing wireless LED fixtures under white linen covered table.

Ceiling Wash