​Groundbreaking Ceremonies generate excitement and represent growth – for individuals, employees, organizations, and communities.  Use this positive energy to get noticed, generate publicity, and unify your team.  We heighten the excitement of these ceremonies with lighting and sound reinforcement.

​Celebrating your team is critical for morale.  From formal award ceremonies to relaxed gatherings that allow your employees to let their hair down, show them they are special.  Holiday parties and retirement celebrations are a great way to show team members they are valued.  Enriching these events with lighting make everyone feel like a VIP, no matter what the occasion is.

​You're doing great things, and now it's time to let the community know.  Press conferences are a great way to announce important developments, answer questions directly to and from the media, and generate publicity.  Call us to make sure your message is seen and heard flawlessly.

Corporate Event Lighting & Production Services

Groundbreaking Ceremonies

Product Launches


​Political Rallies


​Creating the right atmosphere is important for every event, especially yours.  Corporations and non-profit organizations host so many different types of live events from formal to casual.  Our lighting experts have enhanced occasions for companies and non-profits locally, nationally, and internationally for over a decade.  Looking for sound, video, and staging? Take advantage of our full production management.  We have relationships with top notch specialists in every field of production.  You can rest assured we will assemble the perfect team to make your event the very best it can be.  Elevate your next event to an experience that will engage and inspire your attendees and guests.

​The lighting professionals at Solus Lighting LTD were educated in theatrical stage lighting.  We take the training that we received and apply it to lighting stages, ampitheatres, ballrooms, tents and yes even entire buildings.  Solus Lighting has been providing lighting for corporate and non-profit events both nationally and internationally for over a decade.  We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to take your event to the next level.  We will give you the opportunity to both show your guests a visually spectacular event and also brand the room with the company or event custom insignia.  It's your event and you will be in control of every element you would like to see.  You have the option of us lighting your event, or take advantage of our full scale production service.  We specialize in special event lighting, however we are able to resource and coordinate all of your audio, video and decor needs.  Solus Lighting always offers free consultations and site walk throughs to ensure that everyone is on the same page and every element and detail is captured.

​Building/New Construction Dedications

​Branding is one of the most important aspects of any organization.  Project your logo and brand in light to make it stand out at your next event. We can help with artwork requirements for single, dual, and multicolor images to make sure your insignia is seen and remembered.

  1. Galas/Fundraisers

​Do you have the next big thing?  Introduce it to your clients and potential customers with a live demonstration.  Seeing is believing, and this interactive format shows you are on the cutting edge of solutions for your industry.  We guarantee to put you in the right light.

Wether it's a rally for a local issue, or a national political convention we have all of your production needs. From lighting to sound to video reinforcement to staging, we have all the tools at our disposal to create a winning political event.

​Have you moved to a new facility? Are you planning on honoring a generous donor? Dedication ceremonies help showcase exciting developments in your organization, such as building dedication or renaming. Recognize the philanthropists and sponsors whose generosity is instrumental to your organization. Lighting helps make these events spectacular.

Press Conferences

​Galas and fundraisers are a great way to connect with donors in a relaxed atmosphere while building awareness for your organization.  With so many worthy causes, getting donors attention in critical.  Hosting an elegant gala will get current and potential supporters interested, engaged, and contributing.  We will help create a visually dazzling environment that you and your guests will not soon forget.